Meet the Crew


Founder of Cape Lookout Canvas & Customs, Hoke Page is the friendliest guy you'll meet and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Hoke has lived in the beautiful state of North Carolina all his life. Growing up in Raleigh, Hoke attended and graduated from North Carolina State University. He later spent several years running a flight school as well as working as a commercial pilot and working for a chemical company. Hoke has always had a passion for flying and boating. Wanting new curtains for his own boat, but being dissatisfied with the curtains he'd seen on the market, Hoke began spending his weekends designing his own curtains. When others began to appreciate his craftsmanship and wanting their own curtains from him, his weekend hobby grew into a thriving business. In 2001, he left his full-time job and founded Cape Lookout Canvas & Customs. Now his full-time job is helping people by creating custom canvas creations to enhance the look and function of their vessels. When not helping others with their boat needs, Hoke can be caught on the water with his wife, Anne, and daughter, Ana.

When you want your boat cover to fit like a glove, Paul is the man to call.

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Paul has always had a mind for business and a passion for boats. After majoring in Business at George Mason University, Paul spent over 20 years working for Domino's Pizza in every position from Manager to owning his own franchise. In 1993, his work took him to Carteret County, NC, where he has lived ever since. His longtime dream of owning his own business along with his passion for boats led Paul to leave the corporate world behind. After co-founding and operating Outback Marine in North Carolina for five years, Paul realized that he was better-suited for manufacturing. He immediately began training at the most comprehensive marine canvas training program in the world -- Northcoast Marine Specialties in Clinton, Ohio. In the spring of 2009, along with longtime friend and business partner, Phil Cottrell, Paul entered into partnership with Hoke Page at Cape Lookout Canvas & Customs.

Hard worker and great all-'round guy, Phil has a sharp attention to detail. If product perfection is what you're looking for, Phil's your guy!

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Phil has always enjoyed fishing and being on the water. After receiving his Bachelor's Degree from James Madison University, he followed a job to Coastal North Carolina. He later returned to the D.C. area to pursue his Master's Degree from George Washington University. However, after finishing his graduate work, he returned to the beautiful North Carolina coast in 1998. In February 2009, he entered into a partnership with Hoke Page and Paul Prystash at Cape Lookout Canvas & Customs. Having worked in the marine industry since 2004, Phil brings experience, professionalism, and a dry wit to the company. In his spare time, Phil enjoys offshore fishing and participating in King Mackerel tournaments (he and Paul formed Team Long Overdue in the early 1990s). He also enjoys competing in triathlons and spending time with his wife, Michele